Management Team: Our goal is to be build an energy drink brand that inspires hope in our communities, instills pride in ourselves, and represent our culture in a positive way while also becoming the leading energy drink producer for the hip-hop culture and urban consumers.

Our Mission Statement:        RapStar Energy LLC is committed to developing and delivering a world-class beverage that’s designed to assist our consumers in getting the ultimate performance out of their God given talents and abilities. This requires our dedication and our determination to consistently strive for excellence in achieving a quality product that has the perfect balance of nutritional health and great taste. 

CEO | Johnny Thomas Jr. | Email: JThomas@RapStarEnergy.net

COO | Derrick Buckner | Email: DBuckner@RapStarEnergy.net

CFO | T'Michael Jones | Email: JThomas@RapStarEnergy.net

Sr. VP. | Don Jacobs | Email: dJacobs@RapStarEnergy.net

VP. | Tiye Gordon | Email: tGordon@RapStarEnergy.net

VP BD. | Andre Wanzo | Email: AWanzo@RapStarEnergy.net

VP. IR | Don Jacobs | Email: dJacobs@RapStarEnergy.net